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I have spent the last 33 years compiling and experimenting with the most cutting-edge personal growth tools and have been a global forerunner and innovator in the realm of sex and intimacy for over a decade.

Do you have a jade egg?

You can thank my vagina for that!

Me and my vagina took the Taoist message of the jade egg for vaginal strength and enlightenment to nearly every corner of the planet.

We’ve transmitted a lot of other message too, that have become memes and cornerstones in the new realm—that I pioneered—in holistic sex and relationship work.

Sexual energy is life force energy—the energy that creates new life.

Not only do we benefit from learning how to consciously use this energy in our lives and relationships, but we can also learn how to harvest that energy so that it becomes a power source for us. We can channel it as a rejuvenation and healing source, as a beauty and confidence boost, a weight loss and immunity tool and a way to make more cash.


All from you sexual energy—the source of all things.

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Once you understand these principles both viscerally—because you’ve lived and applied them to your own life—and conceptually, then you have a much deeper vision into yourself, your clients and the world at large.

This program isn’t just about memorizing information. It’s a deep dive into your own self and blocks and a mining of your gifts, so that you come out as a much clearer channel for your own voice, spirit and contributions to the world.

You are personally and professionally transformed.

And so are your clients, and the world around you.

Because that’s the essence of sexual energy: growth, evolution and rebirth.

Creating this program has been a magnum opus for me.

As the culmination and distillation of the best and most profound learning and principles in my life and work, I lay it all out here for you.

I have loved sharing this information and being there as part of an intimate collective alongside you, in a gathering of brilliant minds and peers.

Everyone has something to offer in this program, and having this safe, yet challenging! space to do so, strengthens your self-expression muscles to communicate the depths of your message to the world, fulfilling your true purpose on this planet.

The Anami Teacher Training for Professionals will equip you with:

An entirely new perspective for finding the root cause of issues and eradicating them permanently.

A skill set for treating the previously untreatable.

On a daily basis, I see people reversing conditions that Western medicine cannot solve

In my work I consistently see:

  • Orgasms. Everywhere. Clitoral, G-Spot, cervical, anal, nipple, and beyond.
  • Natural lubrication in everyone from postpartum to menopausal to “just keep it on the bedside table because it’s a girl’s best friend” women.
  • Premature ejaculation gone and replaced with hours of stamina.
  • Sexual pleasure and sensation in vaginas that have been numb for years.
  • Rejuvenated sex lives and relationships/marriages that now have the best sex of their lives and are closer than they have ever been.
  • Female ejaculation that hits the ceiling.
  • Increased libido, naturally, without pharmaceuticals.
  • Solid, powerful erections: ED begone!
  • Women avoiding unnecessary, invasive surgeries—including organ removal.
  • Orgasmic births—not just intervention, surgery and injury-free births, but births which are so pleasurable they are the biggest orgasm of a woman’s life.
  • Reversal of urinary incontinence.
  • Elimination of difficult PMS, periods and menopause.
  • Creative genius. Once we liberate sexual energy, people’s true voices and gifts flow.

As a Result:

Happier families, careers and catapulted income, all because the biggest block and the thing that was holding them back is now resolved and their true power can be unleashed.

Further Your Knowledge

Who is this for?

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Quantam Leap Your Knowledge

This grad school-equivalent training is career-level study for those who are already established in a healing profession and want to further their knowledge and solve previously unsolvable issues in their patients and clientele.

This includes those in such fields as:

  • Functional Medicine Doctors
  • Allopathic Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • OB/GYNs
  • Naturopaths
  • Osteopaths
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists/Psychotherapists/Counsellors
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Social Workers
  • Alternative/Spiritual Healers and Energy Workers
  • Experienced Coaches

The kinds of people who apply for this program typically have an established and successful practice in some kind of healing profession. Yet, they have seen throughout the years of their work, that sex and intimacy is:

1) A vital area that is given little credence in any traditional teaching capacity, and is typically the core source and crux of most people’s issues.

2) Something they are challenged to speak on. How do you approach this subject? What are the right questions to ask? How do you help people to make the connections between their stagnant sexual energy and all of the ways it is impacting their lives and showing up as symptoms.

This program gives you all the tools, vocabulary and skills to be able to have these conversations with your clients, pinpoint the true root cause of their issues, and give them radically effective tools to help them heal and revitalize their lives.

HAYLEY CARR | Certified Anami Sex Genius

Upon graduation from the Anami Mentorship & Teacher Training Program, you will have:

  • The title of Certified Anami Sex Genius and a framed diploma for your office.
  • Primary and side income boost of tens of thousands of dollars or more per annum.
  • Comprehensive sex-cyclopedia manual for all things sex and relationships.
  • Done-for-you client resources, everything from intake forms to business templates.
  • The Anami Prescription Guide: a sexual remedy toolbox with alternative and holistic solutions for all reproductive and intimacy issues.
  • Listing in our referral guide as a trained Anami professional, giving you access to thousands of clients with a demand for your specific skill set.
  • Pre-approval as an Anami affiliate for all of our salons and Anami Alchemia shop offerings, boosting your potential income by tens of thousands of dollars per annum as an affiliate alone.
  • Network of like-minded health professionals—esteemed peers who are leading their fields, elevating their game, and inspiring you to do the same.

Plus, you’ll up-level your own sex life, creativity, and health as you complete this program, because you’ll apply the principles you’ve learned to yourself—and practice what you preach.

Anami Mentorship + Teacher Training

What's Included in the Program

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The Most Cutting-Edge Sex and Relationship Training on the Planet

700 hours of professional, quantum-leap unleveling.

12 modules and 6 months of core program study. 16 weeks coaching practicum. 5 online salons. A 4-day deep-dive immersion. A one-month business and branding workshop.

Plus continual education so you can keep up with new research and continually evolve your your skills. You’ll have lifelong access to this coveted library of information, techniques and supplementary resources.

Let’s walk through exactly what your program looks like.

The entire program is spread out over the course of two years. The first year is the main body of the program, which includes your core modules of the principles and practices of the work, as well as the honing of your coaching skills and business acumen. The second year involves your study in each Anami Salon, ongoing pod support, and monthly presentations and group calls with Kim.

Cutting-edge + Immersive Learning

An in-depth look at the program

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Core Sex Genius Program + Syllabus: 24 weeks

Twelve modules with the most revolutionary knowledge and techniques available.

You have two weeks to study, research and practice each module, with three group calls over each two-week period.

  • Module 1: Know and Heal Thyself

    • Doing the work yourself makes you a more effective, authentic and believable teacher. People can feel whether you walk your talk or not.
    • You’ll start with a rigorous process, using yourself as a guinea pig, and using the same kinds of assessment and block-clearing tools you’ll be using on clients.
    • This is one of the major keys to my success—all my hours in the field and my own decades of self-discovery. The “best of” my sexual tools are condensed here for you to sample and then prescribe for your clients.
  • Module 2: The Body as the Barometer

    • Learn to read the body and its ailments as information and symbolism to deeper issues in the psyche.
    • You’ll receive my mega encyclopedia of all sex and relationship issues.
    • Learn revolutionary methods to find the root cause for all ailments.
    • Learn how to create a welcoming environment where clients feel safe talking about body/sex issues—things that may have felt taboo, shameful, or un-discussable in the past.
  • Module 3: Sexual Energy as Creative Energy

    • Learn techniques to tap into and harvest sexual energy as a tangible source of power.
    • Understand the connection between sexual energy and career and financial output in the world.
    • Learn how to get your sexual energy blazing (even if you’re single) using my favorite three-step morning ritual—meditate, masturbate, create—and how to teach this process to your clients.
    • Learn how to use sexual energy to create, innovate, and lead in your community.
  • Module 4: Relationships: Your Power Source

    • Sexual connection as the lifeblood of your relationship.
    • Debunking myths that many people believe about romantic relationships (for instance, “After the first year or two, the sexual passion dies down. That’s normal, that’s just how it goes…”)
    • Reprogramming people about what’s possible in relationships and why.
    • Conscious monogamy—and how this is vastly different from the way most people “do” monogamy.
    • Using relationships as a vessel for personal, professional, and creative growth.
  • Module 5: Orgasms for Personal Growth

    • The physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of orgasms.
    • The orgasm-pedia—all the different types of orgasms that men and women can have, including full-body orgasms, and the spiritual/energetic effects of each one.
    • Clearing blocks that cause many women to feel sexually numb and unable to orgasm.
    • Addressing root issues that lead to premature ejaculation in men.
    • Deep, life-changing orgasms that most people can’t experience without training/guidance—including the male G-Spot.
    • The direct connection between orgasms and personal, professional, and financial growth.
  • Module 6: Alternative Approaches (Part 1)

    • Learn alternative approaches to prevent, reverse, and cure 99% of ailments—without violent and unnecessary surgeries, pharmaceuticals, or artificial hormones that leave people sick and reeling with side effects.
    • Holistic options to eliminate pain during menstruation, menopause, and PMS.
    • Holistic options to boost fertility and improve pregnancy and childbirth.
    • Holistic options to shrink growths on organs.
    • Holistic options for highly-effective natural birth control (no pills, shots, arm implants, or IUDs)
    • Holistic options for weight loss and weight management.
    • Holistic options for HPV (escharotic) and STIs.
    • Holistic options for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • Module 7: Alternative Approaches (Part 2)

    • A continuation of the previous module, exploring plant medicine and earth medicine (herbs, floral essences, crystals, natural elixirs and tinctures) for sexual vitality and optimal health.
    • Mental medicine—the power of visualization, guided meditations, and mindset training.
    • Modern testing approaches to identify root causes of ailments.
  • Module 8: Sexual Polarity

    • Embracing masculine and feminine energies as a tool to build sexual chemistry and passion in an increasingly non-binary world.
    • Breaking out of the “buddies rut”—how to shift from roommates back to lovers.
    • Transition stages in restoring polarity and sexual chemistry in couples.
  • Module 9: Rebirthing

    • Breakups and divorces—how to use these experiences as catalysts to heal, upgrade your life, and attract a higher vibration partner when you’re ready.
    • The deeper meaning of affairs and their purpose as agents of transformation.
    • Conscious coupling and uncoupling.
    • Attracting a soul mate through up-leveling.
    • Conscious celibacy to clear space and feng shui your genitals and your life.
  • Module 10: Find Your Niche and Voice

    • Learn to find your niche, voice, and point-of-view as a healer, setting you leagues above competitors in your field.
    • Daring to speak the truth—saying the unsaid.
    • Having the guts to “go there” with sex rather than tip-toeing around this topic with clients, patients, and with the media/press.
    • Trusting your own interests, passions and turn ons to lead you to abundance and your own powerful brand.
  • Module 11: Wealth and Abundance Consciousness

    • The connection between sex, money and creativity.
    • Harnessing your own sexual power to up-level your business/clinic/practice and clear space for massive success.
    • Daring to go “all in” with your healing work, taking risks, no playing small or holding back—because the universe rewards courage.
  • Module 12: Taking Your Business Online & Worldwide

    • Learn how to do effective, powerful consultations with clients online—so you can work with men, women, and couples based all around the world, not just in your local area.
    • Explore new revenue streams that can add tens of thousands to your income each year, including developing your own online programs, leading in-person workshops and retreats, partnering with holistic health brands, affiliate sales of Anami products, and more.
    • Learn to use social media in a creative, artful, and meaningful way—building a highly-engaged following for your work.
    • Tap into the marketing approaches that work best for you and your personality—which might include videos, webinars, podcast and radio appearances, writing articles, or email marketing.
Value: $24,000

Coaching Practicum: 16 weeks

Even highly experiences coaches and therapists struggle with how to best talk sex and intimacy with their clients. After your rigorous study of the core program, you’ll put all you’ve learned into practice. We put you through your paces in several coaching demos and challenges each week for the full twelve weeks and you’ll receive feedback and teaching from Kim all along the way. In these sessions, you’ll develop the confidence necessary to handle any issue with ease and grace.

You will learn:

  • How to create a welcoming environment where clients feel safe talking about body/sex issues—things that may have felt taboo, shameful, or un-discussable in the past.
  • The anatomy of a stellar coaching session
  • How to build intimacy, rapport and trust with your client
  • How to prescribe the best, individualized advice and homeplay for any situation
  • Structuring a series of sessions
  • How to balance heartfelt connection with practical and solid support
  • How to use and trust your intuition to guide the process
  • How to make your clients excited about the process and keep coming back for more!
Value: $7500

Anami Affiliate Approval

Once you’ve completed your certification, you’ll be given automatic designation as an affiliate for all Kim Anami Salons. Our affiliates with like-minded audiences make five figures per salon run. This means you could makeup the cost of your mentorship program within a few days.

You’ll also be set up as an affiliate for all Anami Alchemia products, which you can use as part of your healing protocols—from Yoni Egg Kits to crystal elixirs to yoni and breast oils (Oops! Let that one out of the bag. We have new shop products on the way!)

Value: $5000 - $100,000 per annum

Tropical Immersion Weekend: 4 days

My retreats are the stuff of legend. In this 4-day immersion event in a tropical locale, you’ll deepen your knowledge with specialist presentations, in-person training workshops, innovative business practices, and experiential break-out sessions and networking—plus nourishing food, yoga/movement/meditation classes, and time to exhale and integrate everything you’ve learned in the program.

Value: $5000

Weekly Pod Study Support

In this program, you’ll be surrounded by other professionals of high caliber who are constantly seeking—like you—to better themselves and up their game.

Not only will you be able to download my 30+ years worth of wisdom and technical knowledge, you’ll interact with an elevated community of brilliant minds. In this mastermind setting, you’ll tap into the latest research and discoveries and continue to be a forerunner in your work.

Each Week You Will:

  • Take part in live Q+A presentation and open calls with me.
  • Meet with your study pod group, work on assignments together, and give feedback to each other.
Value: $5000

All-Access to Kim Anami Salons: 42 weeks

As part of your learning and study, you’ll be granted lifetime access to all five full-length Kim Anami Salons:

These are to further your own embodied learning and practice of this work, leading—and radiating—by example. You’ll receive all of our updates to these programs and be able to listen to the ongoing Q+A calls with the run of every salon for continuing education.


Value: $5000

Anami Mentorship + Teacher Training
Program for Professionals

Total Hours of Program: 700
Total Value: $70,000

I am ready to apply for the Anami Teacher Training Program for Professionals

× × ×

I understand that my program includes:

12 modules of revolutionary content and quantum leap techniques, including “Done for you” resources from client intake forms to coaching templates, and alternative prescriptions for every possible issue and ailments you could see in your clientele: $24000

Weekly live Q+A call sessions with Kim: $12,000

Weekly group calls with my mastermind study pod—a support system and colleague relationships for life: $5000

Coaching skills and practicum: $7500

Business and marketing assets: $9167

Access to all Kim Anami Sexual Savant Salons: $5000

In-person tropical weekend immersion: $5000

Value of all program assets: $70,000 +


One upfront payment of $5,000, plus monthly payments of $1,909 for 11 months – or one single payment of $25,000.


Program begins: Spring 2021
Weekend immersion: TBA

Intimacy and Relationship Coach

Meet Your Mentor

Hi! I’m Kim Anami. I’m a relationship, intimacy, and sex expert. My mission is to help people have more sex—and better sex.

I’ve been featured on E! Network, CNN, NPR, and in O: The Oprah Magazine, The Sunday Times (UK), Elle, Marie Claire, Allure, Glamour, Women’s Health, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Self, and many other places.

As a sex educator, I’ve worked with thousands of men, women, and couples—helping people burn through emotional blocks, breathe life into stale marriages, reawaken numb genitals, and bring more passion into their beds and their lives.

I teach people that sex has transformational powers. Conscious sex is the missing piece and solution to so many modern aliments. Yet, because of so much taboo and shrouding, it’s often the last people think to look as a source of healing and revitalization.

I’ve been teaching this for decades and see lives change daily.

Sex is medicine. It can be your anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-aging, immune-boosting, weight loss inducing and trauma clearing remedy all at once.

When your sex life is thriving, your whole life gets an upgrade. I’ve experienced this in my own life, with thousands of clients, and with the thousands of people who flood my email inbox with sexy success stories every month.

Gourmet sex changes everything.

MELANIE REAZIE | Certified Anami Sex Genius

What Others Have to Say...

The most significant, highest-return investment of my life
Tatiana Cirico | Tech Industry, San Diego
Working with Kim is like having a relationship ninja at your service. She’s like reading 14 books, 3 how-to manuals, and the entire Shades of Grey trilogy.
KRISTIN KALP | Branding Expert, Texas
Kim is a total rockstar and a tour de force of all things sexual. Her stuff is a cut above anything I’ve seen.
DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP | OBGYN and NY Times best-selling author

As Seen In

30+ years worth of wisdom and technical knowledge

In this program, you’ll be surrounded by other professionals of high caliber, who are constantly seeking—like you—to better themselves and up their game.

Not only will you be able to download my 30+ years worth of wisdom and technical knowledge, you’ll be able to interact with an elevated community of brilliant minds. In this mastermind setting, you’ll tap into the latest research and discoveries in your related field and continue to be a forerunner in your work. And get better results than anyone else you know.

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Currently accepting applications!

everything you need to know!


  • What if I’m not in your designated list of professions? Can I still apply?

    The Anami Mentorship & Teacher Training Program is for healing professionals. Physicians, nurses, naturopaths, psychologists, experienced coaches (and people with other professions that we’ve listed here) are welcome to apply.

    If your profession is not on that list, but you’re deeply passionate about sex education and holistic health—and you have what you view to be equivalent and transferable experience—feel free to apply and wow us.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    You can pay $25,000 upfront—or over the course of one year with one up-front instalment of $5000- and eleven monthly payments of $1909.

  • That seems expensive. Why does this program cost that much?

    Rather than “Why does this program costs that much?” a better question is, “What is the true cost of a bad sex life, a bad relationship, or poor health?”

    A messy divorce can cost $100,000+. Chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other health issues (all related to stagnant sexual energy) can cost thousands, too, both in medical bills and in lost wages, missed career opportunities, apathy, burn out, stuckness, inability to execute business ideas, etc.

    For $25,000 you could buy a midsize 4-door sedan. Or you can invest in world-class sex education and holistic health training that transforms your life—and the lives of your patients/clientele.

    From that perspective, $25,000 for the top sex education on the planet + life-changing orgasms + vibrant health + clearing emotional blockages + up-levelling your professional life + adding new revenue streams to your existing business = an excellent deal.

  • It’s summertime! I’ll be on vacation for part of this! What if I miss a week or two?

    You have a minimum commitment to meet in terms of your participation. If you need to miss any of the program, everything is archived—from the videos to the weekly Q+A calls. Plus, you have lifetime access to all the material to review as much as you like, at your own pace.

  • I live in Australia/Dubai/Zimbabwe. Will I be able to participate on the Q+A calls?

    The weekly call times will be varied. If you can’t attend one of the Q+A calls, you can submit your question(s) ahead of time via email. All the calls will be recorded and posted the next day. You can download and listen at your leisure.

  • How much time will I need to devote to this?

    The more you put in, the more you get out.

    We suggest committing 15-20 hours weekly to focus on watching the videos, research, group calls, writing, spiritual exercises, healing work, practicum, and very fun homework assignments, including “sex dates”—which can be solo or with a partner.

  • I’m really interested in this program, but I have a few questions before I apply. Is there someone I could email to ask a few things?

    Of course. Send an email to and ask anything you’re wondering about.

  • What is your refund policy?

    If you’ve followed my work for a while, you’ll have a good idea of who I am and what I can offer you.

    I stand behind everything I do.

    I have run the most comprehensive and effective sex school on the planet for the past eight years.

    I have created a global revolution in women’s vaginas and had various viral campaigns make waves in every corner of the planet.

    I believe when someone is truly in touch with their sexual energy and knows how to harness it, they touch their creative genius. The proof is in the pudding—both in the kind of impact I’ve had in the world with my voice and in the lives of others. If you want to hear the voices of hundreds of people who rave about my work, check out our Reviews page.

    All that to say, there are no refunds for this program. You sign up, you commit and you dive in.

    And I’ll support you every step of the way.